Sunday, March 29, 2015

Only Time Will Tell

It is Palm Sunday and usually I'm in the Centro to photograph the processions. I love seeing Jesus come down San Francisco on a donkey and sometimes it isn't a very cooperative donkey. I love the way the procession is back lit. But I've been there a lot of times to photograph the event and that is not to say that I wouldn't find a special image or two. But not today.

I am still processing the images I shot in Port Aransas and I need to get it done while the way I felt when I was making the image is still fresh. Just because I clicked the shutter and have a digital file of what I saw doesn't mean the camera has a soul. After all, it is a computer that captures an image. The camera doesn't look out across the wetlands with a low lying fog and think, Oh, my God. Isn't that beautiful the way the flats disappear into the horizon. But I think that and hit the shutter button.

Some of the images made in the fog give me trouble. The light was low and I'm looking for subtle and delicate tonalities. There is a fine line between a subtle and delicate image and a flat image. For images I really like, I don't consider the process complete until I have a print. So, I'll make a work print and prop it up on my display ledge for a while to evaluate whether I need to make more adjustments before I make a final print.

Is that what I felt the morning I made the image? Is it subtle and delicate or is it flat? Only time will tell.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wilson the Castway

Does this remind you of anyone you know?

How about Wilson the basketball companion of Tom Hanks in the movie Castway?

He is a bit sturdier than he was in Castway but he still has a friendly face.

I found Wilson had "washed up" on shore in Port Aransas the first morning I went to the beach. Wilson had some rough nights in the wind, rain and tides but he had friends. Everyday I'd see someone putting him back together and taking a picture of him. One morning I talked with him and put his valentine back in place. I asked him if Tom Hanks was a nice guy. He waved his hand and kept on smiling. I wonder if he is still there.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Free Range

Mustang Island earned its name from all of the Spanish horses that bred and roamed freely on the island. The settlers brought cattle. They too, roamed freely and when it was time to take them to market they were corralled and driven across to the mainland at wherever the best crossings were at that time. There are pictures of herds of 100's of cows swimming across to the mainland. At some point the residents got tired of stampedes through the town so the free range disappeared. And gradually so have the most of the cattle.

I've been looking for cattle on the island for a while because there are so many Mercer Log entries about cattle. One time I saw some off in the distance but couldn't get close enough to photograph them on private property. But the wonderful people at the Port Aransas Preservation and Historic Association gave me a contact and he arranged to have the cattle brought to the fence line for me to photograph.

So far I have not found a horse or a pig on Mustang Island although I have heard that there are wild pigs on the bay side. If you know of a domestic pig or a horse on Mustang Island, let me know. I really do not want to have to go looking for a wild pig to photograph.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Passing Ferry Boats

After a breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and grits at the Island Cafe with my friend Frank, he headed out towards Corpus Christi. Actually he was not going to Corpus Christi, he was looking for the blue lines on a map that would take him to small communities north and east of Corpus, the places where he can find his images.

I picked up my camera bag and headed out too, into a heavy, wet fog. First to the beach and the life guard stations. I've already photographed them in sun and in overcast light from clouds but that wasn't quite what I wanted. Maybe the fog would be it. It was so quiet on the beach. Very few people and the fog seemed to muffle the sound of the waves as well as the sight of them until you were close to the water. The horizon was lost.

After I photographed the horizon and the life guard stations, I headed over to the ferry docks. The ferry boats would look good in the fog and perhaps a tanker would glide past as well. I was close to a couple who were fishing and while I waited for a tanker we struck up a conversation. Guess what? They were about my oldest son's age and she went to the same high school that he did. She didn't remember him because she was a couple of years older. And then we discovered that her family had lived in the same subdivision that we did.

Once again, I'm reminded, it is a small world.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Other Side of the Island

I came to Port Aransas hoping for some weather, fog and or rain. I've gotten it. Plus the first few days I also got a lot of wind in the 20-25 mile per hour category. But today was wonderful. In the 50's, fog and a misty rain. Also, today, instead of the Gulf of Mexico side of the island I was on the bay side where there are wetlands. Such a different landscape from what most of us think of when we think of Mustang Island. Sometimes the horizon line disappeared into the fog. At times most beautiful and mysterious. I'm working on my small laptop and I need to get on my big monitor to work on this particular image because the tones are soft and light.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Fire in the Sky

Last night we ate at Snoopy's Pier. Snoopy's sits on a little spit of land, almost under the Intercoastal Bridge by the Corpus Christi ship channel. It isn't up-scale dining by any means. Instead you order at the counter and within a few minutes they call your name. Your gulf-coast fried oysters or shrimp along with french fries are ready. They serve wine in the little airplane-portion size bottles and beer. Texas gulf coast fast food and it is okay. The main attraction in the evening is watching the sunset. Although we had wind and clouds all day the photo god blessed us with a beautiful sunset. The sun had already dropped behind the horizon but it left us this a fire in the sky.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Images to make, People to see.

It has been a long time since I posted to Reservations for One. Oh, I have three drafts started that have become hopeless outdated. Perhaps this one can be finished and posted all in one day. Let me just say that this year has started off way too fast. But it is all good.

I'm in Port Aransas again but this week with a photography group called Shootapalooza. It has been a wonderful experience to see great work, share photography plans and see and play with new processes. I only knew a few of these photographers before this week but I've made new friends and got to visit with some long time friends. The week isn't over. We will not break up until Saturday night. Shootapalooza is going to be one of the highlights of my 2015.

The weather hasn't been cooperating because it has been misty, gray skies, cold and strong winds. I wanted some bad weather to photograph but I only have one weather image to show that has any juice in it. That was yesterday. I looked out my window and the clouds were breaking up and the sky was beautiful. I jumped in the car and headed for the beach. This morning, cold but blue skies and I shot this couple walking along the beach.

When Shootapalooza is finished, I'm staying on in Port Aransas to work on my project. I've got some people I want to see and images to make.